Executive coaching

Executive coaching is a service in which we provide you with career panning support, showing you specific, step-by-step paths to the desired outcomes. For a status quo assessment to be realistic it is essential to distinguish what is feasible versus merely desirable. Targeted networking activities play a supporting role in the implementation phase on the top management level, including optimised self-marketing on social media (including content) and reaching out to prominent international executive search firms.

We utilise interim management an established option that can be an appealing transitional solution, in which case we may hire our client directly as appropriate, positioning him or her in the market accordingly as available temporary staff. The service allows you as client to focus on acquisition and other core market-focused competencies. 

We serve as your sounding board for ideas as you navigate the complex challenges you face in your current position. The principal discussion issues often include:

  • Upcoming executive decisions: preparation and considerations
  • Developing approaches and arguments where various courses of action and complicated decisions are involved in order to achieve specific goals.
  • Enhancing and strengthening managerial competencies
  • Preparing presentations for executive and supervisory boards and other top-level committees

We act as your partner, contributing an outsider’s perspective that allows you better reflect on solutions in dialogue with other trusted professionals.