The BridgeStep
Service Array

The BridgeStep service array is designed to enable you to find suitable new employment.



Outplacement is a process involving the providing of professional advice to departing employees seeking new employment to enable them to continue their careers with as little disruption as possible. It is a service provided to help individuals help themselves. Candidates qualifying for outplacement services receive ongoing support from a Senior Consultant.

Status quo assessment

Status quo

It takes great competency to be able to assess the skills and qualities of an individual. In assessing themselves, people tend to view their strengths and weaknesses unrealistically, exaggerating how good or bad they are. Have you considered, however, the question of: “What would it take for me to feel satisfaction with my career when I return home from work every day?” That question is in fact the starting point for an effective status quo assessment.

Focus on: The 50+ age group

Focus on:
The 50+ age group

Changing jobs is a matter requiring careful planning for individuals in the age 50+ demographic, who wonder about their prospects in the job market and how they might improve their outlook. Am I sufficiently up to speed on the latest technology and trends in my industry? This can be an involved question to address. At the same time, individuals in this age group have a track record of successes showing their valuable experience.

Courses and workshops

Courses and

BridgeStep offers a modular array of courses and workshops designed specifically to enhance their prospects for managerial-level placement on a permanent basis. Our course modules give you tools, techniques, methods and guidelines you will need, and you learn about how to leverage these in workshop seminars.



Your personal consultant accompanies you throughout the entire process, meeting personally with you to discuss and develop your own individual self-marketing plan, structure your job search, optimise your application documents and refine your presentation and interviewing techniques as part of executing an overall application strategy that includes numerous other elements on which you receive support.

Executive coaching

Executive coaching

Executive coaching is a service provided to high-level executives, who receive support with reflecting on the complex decision-making processes they regularly engage in as professionals. Our coaching team consists of highly qualified specialists with proven experience and credentials on the executive level. They help you analyse your career and plan specific steps for change, bringing enthusiasm, perspective and confidence to the table.