In the outplacement process you receive individual consultation designed to meet your specific needs. Following a detailed status quo assessment we assist you in defining your career objectives, researching the market, developing communications and marketing strategies and training for interviews, staying at your side until you sign a new employment contract or launch your own business. Consulting focuses on:


The status quo assessment. An analysis for defining objectives
  • Creates a basis for moving forward
  • Delivers an analytical view of the current situation (both career and personal factors)
  • Framework for discussing experience and managing emotional impact
  • Enhancing your confidence
  • Self-analysis: aspiration versus reality
  • Profiling your personality traits and tendencies
  • Preparing a profile of your strengths and weaknesses
  • Developing a suitability and career profile
  • Defining your career objectives and potential alternatives


Application documents
  • Optimising your application documents: cover letters, CV, short-form applications
  • Designing a usefully appropriate social media profile


The steps in a strategic job search
  • Drawing up a personal marketing plan
  • Drafting job applications
  • Developing a ‘sales pitch’
  • Refining your presentation and interviewing techniques (video evaluation)
  • Systematic network activation


Job search support
  • Planning a systematic contact campaign
    • Directly contacting companies
    • Sending out applications for advertised positions
    • Leveraging head hunters and executive search providers
    • Establishing contact via alternative avenues
  • Creating market transparency
  • Preparing for and following up on applications and interviews
  • Analysing rejections, cultivating motivation to look further
  • Progress monitoring
  • Evaluating offers

Additional focuses
  • Assessment centre preparations
  • Planning to start your own business
  • Interim management positions